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2019 Bursary Programme


The Friends of the Garden is a voluntary organisation with two main objectives; to promote contemporary sculpture to a wider audience and to provide bursaries to 3D artists. To date, in fulfilling these objectives we have undertaken 6 biennial sculpture exhibitions in gardens in Wiltshire and organised a range of bursary programmes. Since 2014 both activities have been carried out in partnership with Corsham based charity Pound Arts.

2019 Bursary

Our 2019 bursary programme incorporated two elements. The first involved matching three MA graduates in 3D art with mentors drawn from our previous exhibitions. Graduates of, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Bath Spa University, Bristol UWE and the University of South Wales were invited to apply following visits by the Friends curator and others from the organising team to graduate shows in September 2019.

The second element covers taking part in two major exhibitions; Our 2020 Exhibition and a later indoor exhibition at Pound Arts.

Amy Daniels, Image 3 Amy Daniels

Amy Daniels is fascinated by the materiality of clay and glaze. Working systematically to adjust clay body recipes, Amy explores the potential of her material to alter in form and surface during the firing process. In her most recent collection of work Amy encourages porcelain structures to move, stretch, twist and turn during the kiln firing which allows the clay to develop a language of its own. The pieces are static yet radiate a dynamism as they speak to each other. It is this latest collection of work that Amy will develop into a sculpture based within the landscape echoing continual changeable states, flow and impermanence.

In 2019 Amy graduated with a distinction in MA Design: Ceramics from Bath Spa University. She is a Creative Practitioner at The Hepworth Wakefield museum and art gallery.

Amy has chosen Helen Sinclair as her mentor with a focus on developing representation within key galleries to exhibit her most innovative work.

Anne Frost, Image 2 Anne Frost

Last year Anne Frost graduated with an MA in Ceramic from Cardiff Metropolitan University. During her course Anne studied how variations in the form, colour and scale of thrown objects could be used to create both 2D and 3D sculptures. This work focussed on the way individual forms related to their neighbours to create a composition. Anne proposes to explore these ideas further to create sculpture where water could pool and trickle between spaces. Out of doors clay forms change in response to the seasons and their interaction with wildlife. Anne applies glazes to her sculpture to further accentuate both form and function. These different elements enhance public engagement with the sculpture by drawing the viewer to look more closely and observe aspects of the design in greater detail.

Anne will be mentored by Giles Penny to work on these ideas from concept through to the exhibition finished piece.

Helen McCormick, Imagse 3 Helen McCormick

Helen McCormick graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University in 2019. Her degree show installation featured three dimensional sculptural forms made from recycled materials. Helen explains that ‘creating “Fine Art” from pre-used materials is relevant in today’s climate and something I feel strongly about.’ Her show also drew on Helen’s background as a Dispensing Optician. Each piece involved the use of carefully selected transparent Perspex with different manmade materials suspended or fixed within and arranged in such a way that their appearance changed in different lights and when viewed from different perspectives, created engaging visual effects. For her exhibition sculpture Helen plans on making a ‘totem’ that features similar elements but with materials selected and arranged to withstand outdoor conditions.

Helen will work with Johannes von Stumm and plans to document her progress through updates on her Instagram account @helen_mccormick1